World of Warcraft: Dalaran

I remember the first time I’ve seen the lost city of Dalaran. I was a young shaman, about level 20, running shapeshifted like a ghost wolf in the low level zone of Silverpine Forest, enjoying a gentle rain on my brown fur. Inspecting the undead infested forest I came in front of a giant pink semisphere, created by magic and I stared at it.
It was awesome (remember, it was two years ago, far far from things like the Core, the Plaguelands and more far from the colorful beauty of the Outlands) and really really big in size.
Some days ago, after a badge run in the ancient rooms of the Medivh’s Tower, Karazhan, a quest never completed [The New Directive] send me back to the city that I’ve to admit, I completely forgot.


So, this is a part of the story of Dalaran, as reported by wowwiki (to read the whole story click here):

Dalaran was one of the original human cities in the Arathorian Empire. Long the center of magical learning, a conclave of mages called the Kirin Tor oversaw its mystic happenings from the Violet Citadel. Undead forces overran the city in the Third War; and Archimonde, then the Burning Legion’s commander, destroyed the city with his foul magic. The Scourge abandoned the ruins, but a group of mages reclaimed it months later. Now, an opaque violet dome of magical energy covers and protects Dalaran. No means, either magic or mundane, can determine the goings-on inside the dome. Archmages patrol its perimeter, but the dome is powerful enough to destroy creatures that venture too close. The mages are certainly working on something — but none can discover what it is.

The quest reward:
Violet Badge
Binds when picked up
+36 Stamina
+45 Arcane Resistance

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