Fun with Cthulhu. Playing With Lovecraft And The Old Ones

I finally found a moment to write a post on my old ebook, published last year. The last few days have been dedicated to improve the ebook’s page. An attempt to do some marketing, to get in touch with new interested readers.

Playing with Lovecraft, the title speaks for itself, is born from the passion for the weird, horrific, fantastic universe created by Howard Phillips Lovecraft.
An author, immortal like few others, with a never ending interest around its imaginative works. Movies, games, narrative, gadgets, Cthulhu is everywhere!

Games of Cthulhu.
In far 2007, joining my interest for the Cthulhu Mythos and the passion for the gaming world, I wrote some articles for a too-soon-dead horror magazine, Necro. Long forgotten, in 2011 I’ve retrieved those articles from the hard disk, edited them, added new game titles and published the italian version of the ebook “L’influenza di H.P Lovecraft sul mondo ludico“.

The italian version of the essay has been later translated by Davide Mana, italian scientist and author of some lovecraftian works for Chaosium itself.

Play weird. Play with Cthulhu!

All the Cthulhu inspired games, from the horrorific weird world of H.P. Lovecraft’s darkest tales. From Dark Corners of The Earth to Necronomicon, from the dangerous streets of Arkham Horror to the crazy Mythos Motorsport Madness: Cthulhu 500, every boardgame, videogame, cardgame, roleplaygame,… published from 1980 to 2010, with some deep insights into this endless world of terrors, ruled by the terrible gods of the Cthulhu Mythos.

Playing with Lovecraft: an ebook about Cthulhu games
You can buy the ebook on the Amazon Kindle Store.

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