Legend of the Dragonborn

“You’re evil, you know that?” I said.
She grinned and shook her head. “Chaotic Neutral, sugar.”
― Ernest Cline, Ready Player One

Last one has been an hard week, much of it cause by the increasing amount of work. But fate is always waiting behind the corner, like a thief in the night, and some problems with a leg and the data corruption of my italian blog’s backup (which I need to import in the new site) have stolen me a large amount of time.

In the meantime I’ve found me in the need to play a fantasy game. From when I’ve memory the story is always the same. The urge to play a specific type of game, as the urge to read a specific genre of story, hit me like lightning. Leaving me with a hurry to satisfy that need.

Ice Wind Dale

My first thought has been: log into ebay account and buy that copy of Skyrim, which is waiting in the wish list too long. I’d almost reached the “buy now” button, when I stopped myself in time. Sooner or later I will buy that game, but for now it is really too time consuming.
So my old-games-lover side suggested to find something I’ve never played, but I’ve often heard people talk about. It’s a sort of sequel to the most known Baldur’s Gate saga. Icewind Dale, always a Dungeons & Dragons PC game, set in the Forgotten Realms, based on the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd edition ruleset. It has a good story, a mixed action/RPG gameplay (more fight oriented than previous BioWare games) and a great score.

So now I’m going through the classic “create your party” section, something we never see so often. And the first games have ended not so well for my bad balanced party, and I’ve started over three time before I figured what I was missing. Things are so easier in modern games. Here there are no bright yellow markers for quests, no arrows showing the right path to the next boss. And it’s very easy to die in the first fight with a bunch of low levels goblins if you don’t know what are you doing. But here comes the fun, managing the different PG powers, exploring a limited but deep world, discovering step by step the story beneath the game.

Legend of the Dragonborn

But Skyrim is always in the wishlist, waiting for me to give up and press the damned button. SO at the end of this post lies the Legend of the Dragonborn, a Skyrim inspired song, realized (very well in my humble opinion) by some italian guys.

Listen, and travel to this fantastic world…

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