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Ok, writing down my post in english is really not the best way to explain my thought about my Azeroth life. My english is poor and I think it could be a serious obstacle to my wish of let you understand my stories, but on the other side is really the best exercise to learn deeper the most used language in the World (of Warcraft and not).

Shaman Warcraft

So, new language is here, and what about the new gear? Well, after two years of healing, pvp healing, raid healing, istance healing, grinding & healing (there is few worst things) I’ve come back to my past attitude, enhancement shaman life style. Someone said me people dont love too much melee shammy, they’ve poor armor level, no Crowd Control so another dps is quite always preferred to us. So it’s hard to find group for the istance, it’s even harder to go into a raid group, it’s a sad hard life…

BUT… let me tell you, it’s all bullshit… I’ve respecced one week ago, take upon me the poor reputation gear ([Seer’s Linked Armor], …) and spent all my arena points to buy the [Vengeful Gladiator Linked Armor], all my honor point to buy [Merciless Gladiator Linked Helm] and all my gold to buy trinkets and rings to increase Attack Power ([Shuttered Sun Pendant of Might], [Skyguard Silver Cross], …), source of my damage.
Reached 1156 AP I’ve tried to find someone who could bring me in some istances, normal version of course. In two days using some good (blue) drops and spending few hours in the always good pvp allies massacre, I could drop all greens and wear an average mix of epics and uncommons. Using gems I’ve dropped in the istances my Attack Power reached 1204, not bad but always too low, I think…

BUT… with big surprise I found lot of friends which allow me to follow them into heroic istances with great results. 3/4 heroics in a row, lot of badges and my last, for now, and best piece, the “colorful parrot” fist weapon [Vanir’s Left Fist of Brutality]!!!. My average dps increased from 350 of the old Seer time to 600 and I’m now trying to learn the best spell rotation to maximize it.

BUT… I will talk about shaman’s math another day, now I’m too happy to see that I could, as an enhancement shaman, find more fun in the istance than in the past and do my very good part in the party’s damage.

/y Shaman Power!!!

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