Fantasmi, mostri e un Commodore 64

Il Vecchio Magazzino è da sempre fonte di scoperte sui miei stessi interessi.
Scatoloni di fumetti.
Vecchissimi videogame (ne avevamo già parlato).
Faldoni di racconti mai completati.
Una vecchia valigetta piena di boccette di colore secco, pennelli induriti e miniature che vanno dal fantasy di Dragonlance alla fantascienza venata di orrore degli Space Marines (del Caos) di Warhammer 40.000.
E ovviamente libri. E tra questi una decina di manuali d’informatica. Manuali. Che a dirlo sembra impossibile oggi. Una volta se non sapevi le cose potevi anche aprire Internet Explorer 1 o magari Netscape, sul tuo Pentium, ma era tempo buttato.
C’era solo il metodo classico: gita allo scaffale e ricerca nel Manuale di Programmazione. Enormi, elefantiaci manuali. Ne ho uno di Python grosso che neanche il Trono di spade, la saga  intera.

World of Warcraft: The One With the Netherwing Drake

Well I know, the title pay a debt to the time I’ve recently spent re-watching the entire 10-series cycle of the best sit com of the last 100 years, Friends. Just few hours after I’ve viewed the last scene, with the keys left on the Monica and Chandler’s empty house, I’ve reached the exalted level of reputation with the Outdoor’s dragons faction, the Netherwing.

The first time I’ve tried to cap my rep level I was an healer and not so good geared, and I remember hours spent trying to fill my bags of crystals and Netherdust Pollen being killed again and again from the elite patrolling the area. So I gave up and come back there only few weeks ago, with my fist weapon loaded with windfury power and the Merciless and Vengeful mail to protect me, discovering that the dailies are easy and not so boring, now that the mobs die very very fast. Ok, the one with the orc poisoning thing was a little boring but when you first reached Honored you could do [Disrupting the Twilight Portal] and at Revered [The Deadliest Trap Ever Laid] to gain 500 rep per day, beside the other quests.

So, three weeks (more or less) and now I’ve my personal, onyxian, shark faced (and not so “draconic”) Netherwing mount! I’ve do the last quest, seen the ghostly version of Illidan Stormrage, enjoyed the dragon flight up to Shattrath and talked to Onyxien the Onyx Netherwing Drake and received

Reins of the Onyx Netherwing Drake
Binds when picked up
Requires Level 70
Requires Riding (300)
Use: Summons and dismisses a rideable nether drake mount. This is a very fast mount. This mount can only be summoned in Outland.

In those weeks, while questing again and again, I’ve read something about the dragon I’m going to buy & fly, just to know more about the background side of Warcraft, that is quite always well build and very interesting.
First of all those we are going to ride are Nether dragon.

Nether dragons resembles a normal dragon, except being semi-transparent and having a shark-like jaws in nether drake form. They are fully sentient intelligent beings and speak Draconic like normal dragons. They also share the ability to learn magic and take humanoid forms. [cit] (that explains the sharp face!)

And those dragons are a spawn of Deathwing the Destroyer (aka Neltharion the Earth-Warder), come to Outland from Azeroth in the Second War.

Near the end of the Second War, the black dragon Deathwing traveled through the Dark Portal to Draenor. Believing the world to be a relatively safe haven for his offspring, he secreted away a cache of black dragon eggs. Following the war, Ner’zhul recklessly opened multiple portals on Draenor, and the magical stress tore the planet apart. The energies released in this catastrophe altered Deathwing’s eggs, resulting in the nether dragons: partially corporeal and partially ethereal dragons who possess the ability to shift between the astral and physical planes. Without Deathwing’s guidance, these otherworldly nether dragons are just now finding their own way among the blasted ruins of Outland.

Finally we come to the Netherwing faction:

One faction of nether dragons, named the Netherwing, were attacked by the Dragonmaw Orcs of Shadowmoon Valley and many were enslaved by Zuluhed, including the female Karynaku, mate of Neltharaku, leader of the brood. Their son Mordenai wanders the Netherwing Fields seeking adventurers to help free his mother and eventually help the Netherwing escape enslavement.

And now some pictures of the event!

World of Warcraft Netherwing drake

World of Warcraft Netherwing drake

World of Warcraft Netherwing drake