The One with the Munchkin

You should know better than to pick up a duck in a dungeon.
Lose 2 levels.

Curse! Duck of Doom

So, the night is over and games are back in their colorful boxes. I’ve completed the quest: I’ve found the players, managed the meeting and even won a game.

There has been the not-so-healthy-but-very-tasty food phase, where we devoured three of a typical Slovenian food: The Unspeakable Ljubjanska, a  tasty version of the cordon bleu. If you haven’t heard about it, the link will led you to the recipe, but in short it’s made with slices of meat, ham and cheese, all bathed in eggs, in breadcrumbs and finally fried in oil. Lighter than life (*)


Like a plus of the meeting, a friend managed to print for me my recently purchased copy of Ashtonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea, a RPG discovered thanks to the always well informed Davide. 500 pages to read, two full of swords, sorcery and weird fantasy.


After the steaks and some beers, it’s Munchkin time!
Does someone don”t know what I’m talking about? Soon explained. Munchkin is a card game by Steve Jackson, illustrated by John “Dork Tower” Kovalic, with a humorous take on RPGs and power players, called, in fact, munchkins. The first version of the game was dedicated to the fantasy genre, full of jokes about elves, dwarves and fantasy most known cliches. After the success of this first game, several expansion packs have been published, inspired to movies, comics and literature.


So here we are, with Munchkin classic, Bites, Cthulhu, Super and Booty.The basic game has at today about 20 expansions, each of them has 56 or 112 new cards. Munchkin Booty, the pirate version, is the last I’ve purchased and it’s the one I like less. I prefer Bites (with characters from web comic Dork Tower and full of World of Darkness references) and Cthulhu. As a big fan of Lovecraft could not be otherwise.
Now I’m waiting for Raven Distribution (italian publishing house) translates the Conan expansion. Maybe next weekend, at Modena Play exibithion, I’ll buy one of the new horror/sci fi version: Munchkin Zombie and Munchkin Apocalypse.

If your sense of humor is well developed and you don’t take too serious your life in rpgs, you’ll enjoy Munchkin a lot.

(*) – someone narrates that more dangerous Ljubjanska types exist , for the braver heroes, with salami, mushrooms, eggplant,…

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