Javascript A* pathfinding demo

A new post in the english side of “The shaman’s lair”, after more than a year. I’ve been caged by real life problems, and the effort of writing in english was too much to me. Now that things seem to come to a more stable way it’s my intention to try again. Short posts, mainly about my works as a programmer but with focus on my side projects.

Today is the time to speak of a short Javascript implementation, coded in my spare time to learn something about the language and to make a first step into roguelikes game system. To be clear, I’m not starting a new roguelike. But there are lot of interesting things to be learned in that world, and learning while playing is a the best way, for everything.

Well, the first step I’ve made has been to write a procedural generation code with the target to build random cavelike structures, and it works fine for me. I’ve called it Caves and Creatures, you could guess why 🙂